Making businesses hit the bull's eye,
with strategy & solutioning!

Uzaira Advisory is a Business Advisory firm, founded in December 2021 by Uzaira Memon. We provide a comprehensive set of strategic advisory, managerial, design and delivery services in the below mentioned 3 categories

Business Development | Technology | Marketing

We offer 17 specific services (ala-carte menu of services! :)) You can visit our Services page to dive into more detail on these 17 specific services. Enterprises benefit from our considerable expertise and in-depth knowledge, as well as our collaborative approach.

Our Vision
Our Mission

Our vision is twofold:

  • We vision ourselves as the change makers, to provide strategic services for the development and execution of growth strategies of Businesses (SMBs, Large Enterprises as well as Non-Profit organizations) across industries and economies.
  • We vision ourselves on becoming a trusted advisor, guide and mentor to enterprises and entrepreneurs from every sector of expertise.
Business Development And Marketing Firm

We come with a clear mission;

To go deep

Unlock insights that add value ($$$) and

Dare to act on them for businesses and organizations to realize their true potential!

How, you wonder?

By bringing the right people together to take on the challenge, to establish a thought that drives transformation. We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage and shape the future, together!

We are Best at What We Do!


Founder & CEO

Meet Uzaira Memon

Uzaira is the Founder & CEO of UzairaAdvisory with more than 10 years of experience in information gathering, design, development, testing, management and delivery of projects in the technology, business development and marketing space. Having worked with the big hitters of the industry like Dell, Deloitte, aggressive startups like Streebo (a Houston, TX-based IBM, Red Hat, HCL, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung Business Partner) as well as many Fortune 500 clients, Uzaira has gained an enviable experience, knowledge and insight into the Indian and Global markets. This helps her clients stay 10 steps ahead of the competition and leverage her expertise to create world-class brands, businesses, marketing and technology solutions!

Talking about her academic background, she pursued her Bachelors of Engineering from Gujarat University, India and went to Texas, USA for her master’s degree. After graduating with a Masters of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, Uzaira interned with Dell Inc in Austin, TX post which she joined Deloitte Consulting LLP as a Business Technology Analyst. At Deloitte, she led various teams and worked with various Fortune 500 clients. After dedicating 5 & a half years with Deloitte Consulting in the US, she joined as a key executive leading the Worldwide Business Development, Marketing, Intranet and Cloud teams at Streebo Inc., a Houston, TX-based software startup. She was also part of many extra-curricular activities in school, college and workplace and led and participated in each with immense dedication, enthusiasm, fervour and commitment.

Her passion and talent are unmeasurable and her love for engineering, technology, innovation, creativity, science and business is a key factor in forming the building blocks of this Company. She enjoys Travelling, playing Tennis and creating Artworks in her free time.

Our Business Model

We work with a variety of Business Development, Marketing and Technology Problems & Business Needs and Requirements. Our Advisors are the Strategists that work with the Client first hand to understand, solve their Business problem, and devise a unique, innovative, winning Solution for them! Next our Solution Managers/Implementation Lead Advisors (our POCs for each Vendor Firm) take the baton and run from there to move the Solution forward working as liaisons between the Advisors and the Vendor Org, managing the end to end Strategy & Solution devised by the Advisor Duo/Team. Similarly, our entire network of Implementation Vendors (led by the Solution Managers/Implementation Lead Advisors in the Advisory Team) works alongside with us, hand in hand, to implement the Strategy and Solution for our Client. All because We Solve (problems) To Help & Create (solutions) To Win!

Let’s discuss your problems and ideas to find the optimal solutions and materialization plans!

Have questions? Ask away!