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Business Development Services
About Us
Uzaira Advisory is a business development, technology and marketing advisory and management firm, founded in December 2021 by Uzaira Memon. We provide a comprehensive set of strategic advisory, managerial, design and delivery services in

1) Business Development
2) Technology
3) Marketing

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    Our Services

    WE SOLVE (Problems) TO HELP & CREATE (Solutions) TO WIN!


    What exactly does UzairaAdvisory offer? OR How do you identify the need to hire Uzaira Advisory OR When do you need Advisors from UzairaAdvisory?

    1. If and when you have a specific Business Development, Marketing, or Technology requirement!

    2. If and when you are facing a Business problem in general!

    3. If and when you need a specific Business Solution designed for your Company, Brand, or Firm!

    4. If and when you want to achieve your short-term Business goals and need some help!

    5. If and when you need help in achieving your long-term Business goals!

    6. If and when you need a Strategic Business Advisor for your Firm, Organization or Brand!

    Who We Are
    About Us

    It’s the small details

    that matter, as they make big things happen!

    Uzaira Advisory is a Business Advisory firm, founded in December 2021 by Uzaira Memon. We provide comprehensive set of 12 specific services (ala-carte menu of services, if you may :)) in the following 3 domains:

    1. Business Development
    2. Technology
    3. Marketing

    You can visit our Services page to dive into more detail on these 12 specific services. In addition, we also provide holistic Business Solutions to Business Problems that companies or professional organizations might be facing (kind of a Buffet service! :)) Enterprises benefit from our considerable expertise and in-depth knowledge, as well as our collaborative approach. Read more

    Explore our work


    Parsana Health Pvt Ltd launched a new product in the market last year – an Acupressure Therapy plate. The plate was designed to act as a natural pain reliever and alternative to traditional medicine for various medical conditions. However, despite having a Website and the right teams (Marketing, Technology, Sales) in place, their sales were not meeting expectations. Uzaira Advisory was brought in to help. After assessing their Business landscape, we defined the company’s Product Positioning, Pricing Strategy and Marketing Strategy . As a result of our efforts, Parsana got their digital sales going and were also happy with the healthy profit margin they were getting and looking for, in order for their Business to thrive and continue growing! Visit their digital property www.parsanatherapyplate.com and social media handles – branded, designed and developed by UzairaAdvisory. Also check out their Video Advertisement above, created by us!

    NDS-YogAhar NGO

    YogAhar NGO

    Uzaira Advisory has been engaged by a non-profit organization for helping them in their digital presence building, upliftment of reach and engagement with the world by creating the digital property, their Website (www.nds-yogahar.org). Additionally, the organization is also helping with FUND RAISING initiatives for their non-profit activities related to Yogahar-NDS. With this project, Uzaira Advisory is looking to bring forth an efficient and meaningful online experience for those associated with the Yogahar-NDS NGO. We are committed to constantly strive towards bringing success to every project we undertake and providing satisfactory services in our pursuit of excellence.


    Uzaira Advisory has been engaged by a leading Houston-based software company, specializing in Digital Transformation and Conversational AI. Understanding the importance of digital marketing to boost their leads, sales and brand image, Uzaira Advisory has been roped in to craft a variety of high-quality Articles, Blog Posts, Case Studies, eBooks, Infographics, Whitepapers, Corporate Videos and Advertisements. With its well thought out strategies and in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and branding from many years of experience, Uzaira Advisory is confident it can effectively position the software company for success. The powerful combination of cutting-edge, advanced AI Bots, Web Apps and Mobile Apps developed by the software company for enterprises around the World and state-of-the art marketing craftsmanship from Uzaira Advisory promises an exhilarating ride towards business excellence.


    Hear what our clients have to say…

    Over the past 5 years, my professional association with Uzaira has been nothing short of a game-changer. She joined our company as a key executive leading our Business Development, Marketing, Cloud and Intranet Solution divisions during the Streebo days. Her sharp intellect, creative and innovative strategies helped us to get our brand published, and secure the right coverage at key places in the media. In addition, she formed the right alliances and partnerships with key players in the market and much more, making her a great asset to our team. Even now (with her company - UzairaAdvisory) as a strategic business advisor, Uzaira is helping us shape our new offerings and solutions. Her indispensable contributions have helped us with marketing, business development, and sales initiatives at various levels. It's a pleasure to continue working with Uzaira and I look forward to what the future holds for our partnership.”
    Usman Memon - Founder & CEO, Streebo Inc
    I needed someone who would help me take the brand to the next level as well as launch our breakthrough product in the Worldwide Market. I was immensely lucky and grateful to have Uzaira Memon as the business development and strategic advisor and manager, whose rich knowledge about the market and exceptional business development acumen helped me in making a splash with the launch of our revolutionary product, Therapy Plate. I would highly recommend Uzaira Memon and her firm (UzairaAdvisory) to brands and businesses that wish to grow exponentially and make a name for themselves.
    - Vijay Parsana, Founder & CEO, Parsana Health Pvt Ltd

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